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At the Medical Device Store, we offer a variety of KARL STORZ OR1 systems and medical video imaging equipment designed to optimize patient care for endoscopy procedures, microscopy procedures, neurosurgery, and more.

Karl Storz OR1 System

The KARL STORZ OR1 system is a highly flexible system that integrates existing data with other systems using a variety of standard interfaces. KARL STORZ camera systems provided by Medical Device Store are the optimal solution for capturing, retrieving, and managing image or video data. Our medical video imaging equipment supports medical video imaging teams to produce efficient improvements and solutions.

The KARL STORZ OR1 system is an integrative solution for the operating room, which allows you to customize your needs, improve workflow, and enable the centralized control of medical devices or camera systems. The KARL STORZ OR1 system is also designed to create a straightforward interface between tablets, PCs, and other technological devices. After a procedure, the KARL STORZ OR1 system sends the captured information to the local or network storage location.

The KARL STORZ OR1 system is a dual image capture device providing a simultaneous capture of important events during medical procedures so they are not missed. This immediate feedback allows the patient information to be transmuted quickly and efficiently. With export and portability capabilities, the KARL STORZ OR1 camera system exceeds the expectations of clinicians while meeting the demands of the future.

About Medical Operating Systems

We are pleased to provide long lasting and reliable medical camera systems that are low maintenance. Manufactured by KARL STORZ, our medical camera systems and OR1 systems are exceptionally made and have a clear safety advantage during a wide variety of medical operations. Please contact us for more information about our medical operating systems and medical video imaging equipment.