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SCB Medical Devices

Medical Device Store offers a wide selection of SCB medical devices designed for use with medical video imaging equipment and OR1 integration systems to facilitate the centralized control of medical camera systems.

Medical Camera Systems

The KARL STORZ OR1 system is an innovative solution for medical camera devices which provide expandable systems that can be customized to suit the needs of the surgeon during medical procedures. At Medical Device Store, we focus on providing a variety of SCB medical devices to support medical video imaging teams to produce efficient improvements and solutions.

The state-of-the-art KARL STORZ OR1 systems we provide create transparency and provide flexibility in video management and documentation, which allows for straightforward integration with tablets, PCs, and more. Because surgeons want to have as much control during the medical procedure, the OR1 medical camera system provides communication to be easy in order to improve patient care.

Medical Device Store also provides KARL STORZ software upgrades and other video imaging instrument sets. Some of the benefits for the KARL STORZ medical software is the affordable integration system that is designed to surpass customer demands at a cost-effective price and can improve the turnover time on the metrics report.

SCB medical devices have an easy and fast installation process so the OR1 can be put into operation quickly. With exceptional safety standards, the medical camera systems by KARL STORZ are ideal for medical professionals seeking a video imaging system that is reliable and has an array of unique features that seamlessly integrates data with other systems.

Medical Video Imaging

At Medical Device Store, we have an extensive history providing specialized medical video imaging equipment, camera control units, and OR1 instruments. Our easy-to-use, high performance medical equipment makes the Medical Device Store a dependable provider of KARL STORZ camera systems that are long lasting for optimal medical video imaging.

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