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Video laryngoscopes



Videolaryngoscopy is a form of indirect laryngoscopy. Indirect laryngoscopy is where the doctor does not directly view the larynx. Instead, visualization of the larynx is performed with a fiber-optic or digital laryngoscope that is inserted via orally or transnasally.

The images from a videolaryngoscopy can be displayed on a monitor for the doctor, patient, and others to view at the time of the procedure. Images are magnified when displayed on the monitor. This allows a detailed examination of the larynx. The procedure can be recorded as well.

Videolaryngoscopy is the thesis of fiber-optic intubation. Fiber-optic intubation involves the threading of an endotracheal tube over the shaft of a fiber-optic scope. This scope is also passed through the mouth or nose into the pharynx, and then through the vocal folds into the trachea of the patient. This procedure is often performed with the endoscopist looking through the eye piece of the fiber-optic scope. Sometimes, the scope is connected to a monitor so that others can view the procedure as well.

There are different tools on the market to assist with videolaryngoscopy. These tools are just variations of rigid laryngoscopes with a digital camera. Check out the rest of the products Medical Device Store has to offer.

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