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Anesthesia Accessories




Anesthesia is commonly used to induce unconsciousness during surgery. The medicine can either be inhaled through a breathing mask, or given through an IV. It can also be administered through a shot. There are different types of anesthesia used in medicine. There is local, regional, and general anesthesia. 

Local anesthesia is used to temporarily stop the sense of pain in an area of the body. The individual usually stays conscious during a local anesthetic. Regional anesthesia is used to numb only the portion of the body that is undergoing surgery, and General anesthesia is used to medically induce a coma during surgery.

Typical accessories for anesthesia include breathing bags, gas sampling lines, tubes, and extension sets.

An anesthesia reservoir bag is usually a collapsible gas container. This is the most important part of an anesthesia breathing system. It acts as a tactile indicator of spontaneous breathing.

A gas sampling line is a long tube which enables gas to travel in the intended direction. The tube is typically connected by different connector types. The gas sampling line is usually made out of PVC material, and has a polyethylene layer inside. Gas sampling lines are specifically designed for anesthetic monitoring.

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