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Rigid Bronchoscopy


Bronchoscopy is a type of test that allows a physician to examine a patient's airways. A doctor will thread a bronchoscope either trans-orally or trans-nasally down the patient's throat to reach their lungs. A rigid bronchoscopy is essentially the same thing, but is performed with a rigid microscope that is thicker and shorter and has a larger lumen. Rigid bronchoscopy allows for therapeutic approaches to medical issues. A bronchoscopy is performed in order to diagnose lung diseases, tumors, chronic coughs, or infections. 

Common lung diseases are asthma and bronchitis. Bronchitis typically means swelling in the air passages (bronchi). These air passages connect to the trachea via tiny air sacs in the lungs. When the bronchi become inflamed, the walls of the bronchi become swollen and fill with extra mucus causing the person to cough.

Pneumonia is another prevalent lung infection that can be either mild or severe. The condition occurs when the air sacs of the lungs (alveoli) fill up with fluid or pus. This makes it hard to breathe in enough oxygen. Treatment for this includes anibiotics.

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