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ENT practice requires different instruments and accessories, many of which are used in typical medical procedures. KARL STORZ has developed an array of accessories that are useful for ENT physicians. These accessories are:

  • Unidrive S III ENT - a high motor system that has continuous variable high speed hand-pieces with up to 100,000 rpm.
  • DRILLCUT-X II-35 - a hand-piece that is specially optimized for the highest speeds. This hand-piece together with an assortment of sinus burrs allows fast and precise work. It makes sinus surgery procedures more efficient.
  • Instrument Set for Middle Ear Surgery - is a minimally invasive approach. Allows complete examination of the middle ear with better control over pathologies.
  • EndoCAMeleon ENT - a HOPKINS telescope with a unique rod-lens system. Has an adjustable direction of view.
  • Flexible Single-Use Video Endoscopes - ensures excellent image quality and contains an integrated LED light source for optimal illumination.
  • Headlight - ensures comfort during long procedures. Has a battery lifespan of up to 18 hours and has liquid lens technology for depth illumination.

Medical Device Store currently offers headlights, esophagoscopes, optical systems, and suction tubes. All products are from KARL STORZ and are made from genuine OEM stainless steel.

About Medical Device Store

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned products for minimally invasive surgery. Rigid and flexible endoscopes, video camera systems, and a wide variety of surgical instrumentation that are offered at reasonable prices. MDS is the best source for all your KARL STORZ Endoscopy instruments.