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Microscopy Accessories



Operating microscopes sometimes require a variety of accessories. There can be mounts, adaptors, objective lens, observation tubes, as well as separate eye pieces. They all serve the purpose of helping the surgeon. Below is a list of accessories that can come with an operating microscope:

  • Coupler Arm - Arm design make sit easy to move as the pivot axis is through the center of the scope which improves balance.
  • Extension Arm - Provides additional maneuverability and extra reach for complete customization.
  • Light Source Housing - A very bright and white light. Maintains a color temperature at all brightness levels.
  • Multi-Focal Lens - Helps set an individual up faster and limits the need to reposition the microscope. Can adjust to different heights to maintain a work position.
  • Diagnostic Tools - To ensure the device is working properly.

Another benefit of surgical microscopes is the improved ergonomics. The microscope helps to reduce strain and fatigue in the operator while it maintains an upright posture, regardless of the patients' position. This is essential for the surgeon since they need to be alert during the procedure.

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