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Medical Microscopes




Medical microscopes play a crucial role in medical research. The medical microscopes we provide are designed to be used by medical professionals to assist in surgery, treatments, and medical laboratories. These medical microscopes can be used by lab technicians in a variety of medical fields including, but not limited to, pathology, cytology, hematology, microbiology and other laboratory environments. 


In the surgical field, medical microscopes revolutionized how operations were done. Surgeries required less incisions, and there was more precision for microsurgery. Design features of our medical microscopes include magnification in the range of 4x-40x, and components that are easy to sterilize and/or disinfect. There may also be foot controls for tilt, focus, and zoom. Medical microscopes provided by Medical Device Store have a flexible modular design made of high quality and durable material.


Procedures that often involve operating microscopes include endodontic treatments, spine surgeries, plastic surgery, and ophthalmic surgeries. Practitioners use dental microscopes for endodontic procedures because of their usefulness. During root canal therapy, magnification and illumination aids with the cavity removal and identification of root orifices. Under the (add text) medical microscope, dentin color and texture become apparent, whereas with the naked human eye there is no clear differentiation. A big advantage of a camera system is that images can be transmitted to monitors so assistants, and surgical staff can also see the display.


Medical Device Store offers a wide range of medical microscopes from KARL STORZ. These medical products include medical microscope accessories, instruments, and operating microscopes.


Medical Telescopes

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned medical telescopes. We are pleased to provide medical telescopes that allows observation of far objects with a low magnification and without image inversion. Medical Device Store is the best source for all your KARL STORZ medical telescopes designed with quality craftsmanship to deliver superior surgical performance and durability.