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Medical Instrument Sets



Medical instrument sets are specially designed tools used in the practice of medicine to assist personnel in carrying out specific actions in various medical situations. These medical instruments can come in sets and kits designed for use in surgeries and other medical operations. Medical Device Store offers KARL STORZ offers a collection of surgical instrument kits that range from endoscopy sets to breast augmentation kits to fluid management systems. These medical instrument kits are comprised of reusable instruments and disposable instruments. All medical equipment sets are made of OEM stainless steel and are a genuine set from KARL STORZ. In addition, all medical instruments are specialized ensuring precision, quality, and life. Medical Device Store provides a unique selection of surgical and medical instruments at competitive pricing.


Medical instrument sets are used in common surgeries in the U.S. such as appendectomy, breast biopsy, cataract surgery, low back pain surgery, endoscopy, and mastectomies. Medical equipment sets from Medical Device Store are reliable, high quality, and well made to ensure optimal performance for medical practitioners. Medical Device Store provides medical equipment sets for a variety of specialties such as:

and a multitude of others. Surgical instrument sets are not only well suited for use in surgery, but also in the general medical practice. For example, basic surgical instrument sets used for general practice can be comprised of forceps, scissors, a needle holder, a tray, and sponges. They are clearly labelled if they are to be used one time or otherwise.


About Medical Instrument Kits

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned products for minimally invasive surgery. Our medical instrument kits include a variety of medical equipment for an array of medical procedures. Medical Device Store is pleased to provide a wide selection of medical instrument kits offered at an unsurpassed value.