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Urology Instruments


Instruments used in urology are also sometimes used in general procedures. These instruments can vary in size and function and are used when caring for patients. A few common accessories used are clamps, forceps, and suture cutters; although, these can all be specialized just for the use in urological procedures.

Forceps allow the opportunity to dissect soft tissue and clean out bone fragments in a fracture. They also make it simple to push around bone fragments to hold a reduction in fractures. Forceps are especially useful when grasping during a medical procedure.

Clamps provide an easy method of stopping blood flow while allowing other procedures to take place. Clamps can also be used for clamping tissue and compressing other structures.

Suture cutters are specially designed for cutting and removing suture string. The need for switching between a needle driver and scissors is eliminated with a suture cutter.

Medical Device Store offers a wide selection of instruments for orthopedic medical procedures. As well as the ones mentioned above, Medical Device Store provides obturators, splitting forceps, beak sets, and sheath sets. All of the instruments are made from genuine OEM stainless steel from KARL STORZ. The quality of the materials ensure accuracy and long life of the product.

About Medical Device Store

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned products for minimally invasive surgery. Rigid and flexible endoscopes, video camera systems, and a wide variety of surgical instrumentation that are offered at reasonable prices. MDS is the best source for all your KARL STORZ Endoscopy instruments.