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A urethrotome is a surgical instrument used to cut a urethral stricture. The instrument is used most often in a urethrotomy, an operation that involves the incision of the urethra. In a urethrotomy, a topical anesthetic is instilled into the patient's urethra and a clamp (depending on the gender) is applied for roughly 5 minutes prior to the insertion of a cystoscope containing local anesthetic. At this time, a rigid urethrotome is inserted to cut the stricture. During a urethrotomy, various other instruments are also used. This includes forceps, cold knives, and scissors. KARL STORZ manufactures all of these accessories as well as a multitude of others.

Urethrotomies are popular procedures for treatment of male urethral strictures, however, the success rates are low. Less than 9% require subsequent urethrotomies, and patients are expected to experience failure.

KARL STORZ carries a variety of urethrotomes for stricture relief. There is the HOPKINS Straight Forward Telescope which comes with a urethrotome sheath, obturator, telescope bridge, and supplementary sheath's. Other instruments included are the SACHSE Knife, and a range of cold knives that come in different shapes.

Medical Device Store offers supplementary sheaths for urethrotomes. All products are from KARL STORZ and are made from genuine OEM stainless steel.

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