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Proctology is the branch of medicine that deals with the disorders of the anus, colon, and rectum. Medical Device Store provides high quality proctology instruments and proctology equipments available. Our proctoscope instruments are offered in a variety of lengths and widths designed to carefully examine the colon, rectum, and anus. Proctology can also be referred to as a colorectal exam. Proctologists specialize in the final part of the digestive system. A variety of conditions are monitored by proctologists. These include:

  • Severe constipation - Feeling as if there's a blockage in the rectum that prevents bowel movements.

  • Anal fistulas - An infected tunnel between the skin and the anus. Usually the result of an infection in an anal gland that spread to the skin.

  • Gallstones - Hardened deposits within the fluid inside the gallbladder.

  • Rectal prolapse - This condition occurs when part of the large intestine slips outside the anus.

  • Pruritus ani - A condition where the skin around the anus is itchy.

  • Anorectal disorder - A group of disorders that occur at the junction of the anal canal and the rectum.

  • Hemorrhoids - Caused from strains during bowel movements. They are a group of swollen veins anywhere in the region of the anus.

At Medical Device Store, we offer various proctology equipment including, but not limited to, proctology clamps, proctology scissors, and other rigid instruments used to diagnose the lower rectum and anus. Other common types of proctoscope instruments include forceps, clamps, and suture cutters. Specialty instruments are anoscopes, rectoscopes, proctoscopes, and colonoscopes. Medical Device Store carries all three in addition to obturator's, angled needles, and telescopes. All products are from KARL STORZ and are made of genuine OEM stainless steel.


Proctology Instruments

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned proctology equipment and products for minimally invasive examination. We are pleased to provide reliable and reputable proctology equipment from KARL STORZ at a reasonable price. Our exceptional proctology instruments provide exceptional support during examination and colorectal surgery.