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General Surgery Instruments



General Surgery is described as the surgical specialty that focuses on the abdominal area. This covers the stomach, colon, esophagus, small bowel, gallbladder, appendix, liver, and pancreas. A general surgeon has specialized knowledge related to diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and post-operative management. This particular type of surgeon also has central knowledge of anatomy, physiology, metabolism, nutrition, pathology, shock and resuscitation, and neoplasia, which are all common in surgical specialties.

Laparoscopy procedures are an area general surgeons have a specialty in because they tie into the abdominal area. A laparoscopy is a surgical diagnostic operation where a fiber-optic instrument is inserted through the abdominal wall to view the organs in the abdomen. This involves a small incision and the instrument used is a laparoscope. Any operation that is a  minimally invasive surgery can also be termed a laparoscopy.

Instruments used in general surgery include scalpels, scissors, saws, grasping instruments, clamps, and organ holders. Medical Device Store offers a variety of instruments that are able to be used in general surgical procedures. Including the instruments listed above, Medical Device Store carries telescopes, video endoscopes, and instrument sets. All products are from KARL STORZ and are made from genuine OEM stainless steel.

About Medical Device Store

Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned products for minimally invasive surgery. Rigid and flexible endoscopes, video camera systems, and a wide variety of surgical instrumentation that are offered at reasonable prices. MDS is the best source for all your KARL STORZ Endoscopy instruments.