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Hysteroscopy is used to diagnose or treat problems of the uterus. The instrument used to do so is called a hysteroscope. It is a thin telescope like device with a light that is inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and inside the uterus. This type of examination is also a form of minimally invasive surgery. The exam is typically used to evaluate conditions like abnormal vaginal bleeding, uterine growths, scarring, polyps, and/or tumors.

Instruments typically used in a hysteroscopy involve grasping forceps, scissors, sheaths, resectoscopes, hysteroscopes, and biopsy forceps. KARL STORZ has worked to develop multiple diagnostic and operative solutions for hysteroscopy. A few of them are:

  • B.I.O.H. - An integrated office hysteroscope. Small diameter of 4mm for atraumatic insertion into the cervix. Single handed operation. Has brilliant imaging.
  • CAMPO TROPHYSCOPE - Atraumatic insertion can be done without dilation and anesthesia due to small outer diameter. Has an integrated irrigation channel.

Medical Device Store offers a wide variety of instruments that can be used in hysteroscopies and other general medical procedures. These accessories include telescopes, forceps, scissors, sheaths, endoscopes, and instrument sets. All products are from KARL STORZ and are made of genuine OEM stainless steel.

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Medical Device Store is a global supplier of new and reconditioned products for minimally invasive surgery. Rigid and flexible endoscopes, video camera systems, and a wide variety of surgical instrumentation that are offered at reasonable prices. MDS is the best source for all your KARL STORZ Endoscopy instruments.