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  • KARL STORZ GAAB neuroendoscopy set , SKU N28162

KARL STORZ GAAB neuroendoscopy set , SKU N28162

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KARL STORZ GABB neuroendoscopy set contains the following: 28018AA Hopkins telescope 0º, 28096AGA Hopkins wide angle telescope, 6º, 28132AA Hopkins II telescope, 28132BA Hopkins II telescope, 30º, 4mm, 18cm, 28132BWA Hopkins II telescope, wide angle, 28132CA Hopkins II telescope, lateral, 33121 plastic handle with out ratchet, 33125 handle, insulated,without ratchet, 26006M high frequency cord, with 8mm plug,300cm, 26176LA cord, high frequency, bipolar, 27023WU balloon catheter, 3FR package of 2 -contains latex, 28160TVX forceps, ventriculostomy, 28161LD deflecting mechanism for use with laser, 28162BS operating sheath 6.5 mm, 28162BD optical obturator, 28162DH biopsy forcep punch,single action, 28162E sheath, insert for use with use with 30º,70º,120º, 28162EA sheath insert for 28162B, 28162EH scissor, hook,single action jaws,2.7mm, 28162EK scissors, round, 28162EP scissor, pointed, single action jaws, 28162ES scissors, rounded, 28162F forceps,grasping with teeth, 28162P forceps grasping with teeth, pointed, 28162SN tube irrigating with luer-lock, 28162U forceps grasping with teeth single action, 28162Z forceps biopsy, 28162ZE forceps biopsy,single action jaws, 28163UKC Clickline insert spoon forceps, 28163UMC Clickline insert spoon forceps, oval, 28762Kelectrode,coagulating, unipolar, 28762KB electrode,coagulating, bipolar, 30200FN needle holder,with ratchet handle, 30200T probe,palpation, with cm markings, 30200UF electrode,dissecting, L-shaped, 30200UX cannula,suction and coag,insulated, 30210KJ tube,outer with Reddick-Olsen, 30210MD tube,outer with Kelly working, 30210MS insert,Metzenbalmenbaum,scissors, 30131handle, metal, without ratchet, 33131 handle, metal without ratchet for use with Clickline, 28162FGL/2 bipolar insert, package of 2, sterile, 26167FGF tube, outer, for use with use with bipolar forceps, 26167FGR handle, for use with use with bipolar forceps 26167FG.