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KARL STORZ Arthroscopy cart with IV pole set , SKU N9803-ARTHRO

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KARL STORZ Arthroscopy cart with IV pole set includes: 9803-20 standard office cart, with IV pole and ISO transformer, 28340720-1KARL STORZ Arthropump power suction/irrigation pump unit only, ps:100-240 vac, 50/60 hz, 400A KARL STORZ Power cord, 8, 283407201C KARL STORZ pressure transducer protective cap use with arthropump power, with chain assembly, 28200DX Drillcut-X arthro shaver handpiece to 8000 rpm, for use with Unidrive S III, 28340770 KARL STORZ Connecting cable for footswitch 20012834 length 2m, 031228-01 single-use tubing set for arthropump, with 2 suction tubes, sterile, 20016834 KARL STORZ Arthropump four pedal footswitch, power integrated connecting cord with clamp, 4mm, 28723001-1 KARL STORZ Unidrive S III Arthro set with touchscreen, 100-120/230-240 vac, 50/60 hz, 20090170 KARL STORZ SCB cable, 100cm (3.3) , 28723020-1 KARL STORZ Unidrive S III Arthro SCB, 031328-01 single use tubing set for arthropump, 2 puncture needles for irrigation, sterile, 28205AKS/1 KARL STORZ aggressive cutter , L-0267 label for terms & conditions , 283407201C-IM instruction manual pump cap for 28340720-1 , 96156010D instruction manual for arthropump power model 28340720-1, 96156011D instruction manual-arthropump system , 96156020D Instruction manual for Unidrive S III.