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  • KARL STORZ 2.4 Small Joint Set , SKU N28300

KARL STORZ 2.4 Small Joint Set , SKU N28300

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KARL STORZ 2.4 Small Joint Set contains the following: 28300BA Hopkins telescope,30§, autoclavable 28300CA Hopkins telescope, 70§, 28302BU sharp obturator, for 28302BH, 28302BV blunt obturator for 28303BH/CH, 28302M double-edged knife, 28302S hook, for small joint arthroscopy, 28302X cannula,2.5mm, 28302XS sharp obturator, 28302XT blunt obturator, 28303BS high flow sheath for 30§ scope, 3.2mm x 8.5cm, 28303CS high flow sheath, for 70§ scope, 3.2mm x 8.5cm, 28303DS arthro sheath, snapin with 2 stopccoks, 3.5mm x 6.5cm, 28302DH basket-punch forceps, 28302EK downward cutting scisors, 28302L biopsy cutting forceps, 28302U grasping forceps.