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What makes Storz instruments better?

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Storz instruments

Storz has a wide range of surgical products, including a full suite of microsurgical instruments relating to cataract, retinal, refractive, and corneal surgery. The number one factor that makes Storz instruments better is the quality. This quality exists at all stages of the product life-cycle, from production to the end result. In this post, we will look at some of the key factors that make Storz instruments simply better.

Factor #1: World Class Production

Storz leaves nothing to chance in their production. Their depth of expertise gives Storz complete control over their manufacturing and gives them the flexibility to generate new ideas. All of the tools used to manufacture Storz instruments are manufactured in-house. All details, including the washing process designed for single-use instruments, was created by a team of experts in the product division. This focus on in-house production allows them to provide true reliability and consistently high-quality.

In-house production allows Storz high flexibility for the development of ophthalmic surgical instruments. This means they can react to customer feedback and adjust manufacturing accordingly. Specialists who create Storz instruments include precision engineers, surgical instrument technicians, technology experts, industrial technicians, goldsmiths, watchmakers, and dental technicians. All of these highly trained individuals operate with precision and dedication to repair and service eye surgery instruments.

Factor #2: Commitment to Quality Standards

Storz instruments are better because of their quality guarantee. This means a commitment to high standards, strict controls, and staff who know the Storz requirements by heart. Storz’s quality management system ensures their medical products are consistently in-line with the latest standards and statutory requirements. Storz complies with all international and country-specific standards and regulations. Storz only ships products that meet all requirements in full.

Factor #3: Customer Focus

Storz has a big customer focus. They are constantly fostering close relationships with customers. Storz instruments are better because they listen to consumers and innovate with this feedback. All products are developed with the end user in mind.

Storz instruments are simply better because of their high quality. This means that from production to purchase, they meet and exceed both external and internal quality benchmarks. Their team of experts analyses products to ensure they are fit for end users and discard anything that doesn’t meet the mark. Storz listens to its user base to ensure there is continuous communication and improvement.

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