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What is Karl Storz?

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Karl Storz is an innovative medical device company of the highest quality, which creates equipment necessary for minimally invasive surgeries and other instruments. Named after founder Karl Storz, the family-owned company has been serving the medical community since 1945, when it first began offering instruments for the ear, nose, and throat area of human medicine. Storz then decided to pursue the creation of a more useful type of endoscope than was available. His vision was to illuminate the human body with bright, cold light, from the instrument itself. This would allow greater visibility during patient examination by a physician. As Storz sought to create a more effective endoscope, his samples and patents exceeded 400 in number, and his work was a tremendous contribution to the optics aspect of human medicine. He also had a hand in the development of the HOPKINS rod lens telescope. Both of these advances in medical technology granted doctors a remarkable increase in accuracy of diagnosis.

Today, the Karl Storz company carries on the founder’s innovative and creative ability to find the best solutions for the medical community. They collaborate with physicians and specialists to provide the best products possible. It’s no wonder that they are among the top in global leaders for endoscopy, operating room integration, and medical video imaging systems. The devices created and distributed by Karl Storz are highly esteemed, regarding quality and innovation, by clients around the world, contributing greatly to the success and growth of the business over decades of dedicated service. Their devices are of immense benefit to minimally invasive surgical techniques. They are also ideal for low medical budgets, as their instruments are very cost-efficient.

Karl Storz has grown far past the initial product line for ear, nose, and throat physicians. Today, they offer medical devices for virtually any specialty of surgery available, as well as supportive technologies, such as fully integrated operating rooms and all-digital imaging solutions. Not only are the products found at Karl Storz innovative and high quality, but the company also offers a superb customer service program to its clients. Their Protection 1 Program presents customers with e-class exchange program, expert field service technicians, repair services, and the competitive trade process. This client program establishes phenomenal quality and care of instruments for physicians, and, in turn, helps to provide better patient care as well. Karl Storz’ pristine customer care sets them apart from other medical device providers, and is received with praise from users globally.

For physicians with private practices who desire the latest technology, but are facing budget decisions, Karl Storz-Solutions, a division of Karl Storz, is a highly recommended choice. Karl Storz is able to assess each physician’s needs to provide personalized medical products and services portfolio, in order to best address anticipated needs and issues of specific offices. Doctors of private practices can place tremendous confidence in Karl Storz services, as they have been creating top-of-the-line devices for over seven decades, always with the aim of improving patient care and physician job performance.

The Karl Storz-Solutions staff particularly focuses on teams who are specialized in gynecology, urology, and otorhinolaryngology, and are able to offer expert advice on medical devices as well as technology training, maintenance, billing, financing, and service. Karl Storz-Solutions offers personalized financing options that are dependent upon each physician’s particular practice.

Karl Storz is well aware of the stresses that budgets can create in the medical field, and they work with each customer to help them acquire the products that will best benefit their practice and their patients, while sticking firmly to the budget. To accommodate the needs of their customers, Karl Storz-Solutions Financial Services offers clients options including rent-to-own, customized leasing, and purchasing for the best financial solution.

The advanced level of technology and range of instruments in any given physician’s office can add up to a significant sum of money, so the need to retain quality and performance of each instrument is vital. In order to help physicians, keep up with the latest technology and maintain optimal performance, Karl Storz offer its customers a vast number of services. These include:

  • Maintaining products at manufacturer quality at authorized repair centers
  • Preserving value
  • Like-new performances for repaired instruments

For hospitals and private practices, the high quality and performance of Karl Storz medical products, along with their financial options and excellent customer care policies, make them the go-to choose for medical devices and all your office or private-practice needs