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What Are Laparoscopic Instruments?

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Minimally invasive surgery is known as laparoscopic surgery. It's an approach that involves smaller incisions and poses fewer risks for patients. Procedures of this nature are typically performed through the abdomen or "front" of the body with the assistance of a video camera and several specialized laparoscopic instruments designed to minimize disruption to muscles and other tissues, organs, and nerves. The following tools and instruments are typically used to perform laparoscopic surgery.

In simplest forms, a laparoscope is a hollow tube that has been used since ancient times. Modern laparoscopes are more sophisticated tubes that also include special features such as a CCD (charged-couple device) camera, lens cleaner, viewing device, and energy supply component. Today's sophisticated surgical scopes allow for images to be digitized and viewed in greater detail on monitors.

Needle Driver
During laparoscopic surgery, a needle driver is used to hold suturing needles when it's time to close the wound. Also called needle holders, needle drivers are used to grasp and manipulate needles to make it easier for surgeons to deal with tissues that are naturally resistant to any type of deformation. Consisting of three parts (the handle, jaws, and joints), a needle driver can be curved or straight.

A pen-shaped trocar is usually used within a hollow tube called a cannula (sleeve). Featuring a sharp, triangular point at one end, the instrument is used to create an opening for the cannula. Available in various sizes and diameters, trocars are often used to introduce scissors, graspers, and other instruments normally used during laparoscopic surgery. Trocars also assist with fluid drainage.

Bowel Grasper
During minimally invasive bowel surgery, a surgeon will use a bowel grasper to manipulate abdominal tissue. This instrument is designed to be inserted through small incisions during laparoscopic surgery and manipulated in a way that allows the surgeon to avoid cutting open the abdomen. Bowel graspers are often used during biopsy, observation, and excision procedures.

Surgical Mesh
Typically made from synthetic polymers, surgical mesh is used as a type of scaffolding that allows natural tissue to grow in a certain area. During laparoscopic surgery, it may be used to repair hernias or other issues involving the musculoskeletal system. Surgical mesh is available in different sizes and weights as well as varying degrees of porousness and flexibility.

Laparoscopic instruments, such as the ones available from the Medical Device Store, are being used to perform a growing number of procedures. Minimally invasive surgery involving these instruments may be done on patients with bowel incontinence, certain types of cancer, colon polyps too large to be removed with a colonoscopy, and appendicitis. Some types of spine surgery and surgical weight loss methods are also performed laparoscopically.