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The History of Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Minimally invasive surgery has been around for approximately 20 years. However, it is backed by more than a millennia of science and research. Hippocrates, widely believed to be the father of modern Western medicine, created a primitive anoscope in 400 BC. Fast-forward to 70 A.D. and medics in Pompeii were using a three-bladed speculum similar to those used today.

Each successive century brought minor advances in endoscopic techniques. However, these advancements were hampered by inadequate light sources, which made it impossible for doctors to see what was taking place on the other end of the instrument. Unlike today's doctors who can access modern tools via an online medical supply store, medics of the past were forced to improvise using the rudimentary tools that were available.

Advancements in the Late 19th Century

By 1860, lighting challenges were being solved. Philip Bozzini is credited with designing the first endoscope with its own light source. It used mirrors to reflect light from a candle. Unfortunately, this technology was before it’s time and was ultimately rejected by the medical community.

However, the work that Bozzini did was built upon for the next 200 years. Eventually, it led to images being projected from an endoscope. Many of the minimally invasive tools available at an online medical supply store owe their existence to the research done by Bozzini.

Modern Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Modern endoscopic technology has progressed to the point where doctors can clearly see inside the body cavity. In 1982, real-time Hi-Rez video cameras were attached to an endoscope. This allowed for a clear and magnified image of the area being operated on. This allowed a surgeon to stand upright and perform their procedure using two hands without needing to focus on manipulating the camera.

Thanks to endoscopic technology, surgeons could record procedures as they were being performed, and these recordings could be used to train surgeons. The limitations of minimally invasive surgery have all but disappeared and are really limited only by the imagination and the willingness of the surgeon.

The modern medical community has taken what was only a basic idea during the lifetime of Hippocrates and turned it into a phenomenon that has proven to be effective. Numerous surgical procedures are being performed using minimally invasive equipment, like those available at online stores like Medical Device Store.

These techniques have allowed doctors to use the well-founded surgical procedures handed down from their predecessors during minimally invasive procedures, further minimizing the stress operations have on patients and their families.