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The Connection Between Diet and Colon Cancer

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Dietary Habits That May Increase Your Likelihood Of Colon Cancer

There have been numerous studies that have connected a person's diet to the occurrence of colon cancer. Following a Western diet has been proven to make a person more susceptible to this type of cancer.

Foods to Avoid and Why to Avoid Them

Colon cancer can be brought on by eating large amounts of processed food. A person also increases their chances of getting colon cancer if their diet largely consists of red meats. The same is true of fats, sugars, and refined grains. These are foods often found in Western diets.

One particular study found that colon cancer survivors who followed a Western diet were inflicted with the cancer again. According to the American Cancer Society, the occurrence of colorectal cancer is closely related to one's diet. No other type of cancer is affected by diet as much as colon cancer is.

Liquids to Avoid

Colon cancer has also been linked to drinking excessive amounts of sugary drinks. These cases most often occur in females who have yet to reach their fiftieth birthday. However, it should be noted that anyone who does the same between the ages of 13 and 18 is also at an increased risk. Though this is rare, it does happen.

There is also a link between alcohol consumption and colon cancer. As a result, men are encouraged to have no more than two alcoholic drinks per day. For women, that drops to one per day.

Based on research data, the recommended age to start getting screened for colon cancer is now 45 years old. The recommended age decreases if an individual has a family history of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Screening

In obese patients, bariatric surgery can be performed to lessen the risk of receiving a colon cancer diagnosis. Gastroenterology makes it possible to surgically rearrange the gastrointestinal tract. But for the majority of people, regular colonoscopies can detect the cancer early enough to successfully remove it. If caught early, colon cancer has a 95% survival rate.

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