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An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Microscopy

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Microscopy refers to any procedure or process performed with the assistance of a microscope. Because of a broad range of magnification capabilities, microscopy allows health care professionals, doctors, researchers, and surgeons to view details of images difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. If your reason for visiting a medical supply store online is to look for a microscope or related parts, here's what you need to know about microscopes and how these powerful magnifying devices are used to help doctors, surgeons, and patients.

How Microscopes Work

First successfully used in the late 17th century, a basic microscope operates with some type of lens system and a series of tubes and curved pieces of glass. When such devices are used for microscopes, they usually include an attached camera to capture images or video that can be displayed on a monitor. Surgical microscopes normally have magnification that ranges from 4x to 40x. They also have components that are easy to clean, sterilize, and disinfect to maintain proper cross-infection control. Because of the way these microscopes are used, they usually have foot controls to keep tissue in optimal focus by adjusting tilt, focus, and zoom settings as needed.

Uses In Health Care

Microscopes have long played an important role in detecting microorganisms and identifying bacterial strains and viruses. When used as part of various medical procedures, microscopes are often combined with endoscopic techniques that allow for smaller incisions and increased visibility of the affected area. Additionally, these devices are widely used by dentists completing procedures such as root canals, orthopedic surgeons performing spine surgeries, and urologists correcting issues with the urinary or reproductive system. Eye doctors and cosmetic surgeons also use specially designed microscopes to perform delicate procedures.

Benefits for Patients

The main advantage for patients is a reduced risk of accidental damage to nerves and soft tissues when procedures are performed with the right type of microscope. In some cases, use of a surgical microscope may minimize the need for larger incisions, which could result in fewer complications and a shorter recovery period. Microscopes are increasingly being used to help surgeons perform robot-assisted procedures that allow for even greater precision with surgical movements.

Regardless of the specific reason you need the right equipment to take advantage of the many benefits of microscopy, it's important to invest in a quality microscope. Improve your peace of mind when visiting a medical supply store online by opting for reliable sellers like the Medical Device Store. Both new and refurbished microscopes and accessories are available at reasonable rates.