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Adapting to the Coronavirus: How Hospitals are Transforming

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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses and governments globally. The nature of the condition, unsurprisingly, is reshaping the medical industry. Adding Covid-related cases to the existing hospital occupancy requires a new set of logistical strategies. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitization have become more intensive. Additional measures are being developed to provide testing for Covid-19. Hospitals have undergone other changes as well. This blog focuses on the three issues listed above.

Logistic Strategies

Most hospitals are able to treat Covid cases without overcrowding or understaffing. In some regions, however, medical facilities are filled to capacity. Overflow patients may receive treatment in unconventional areas, such as surgical recovery rooms. Hospitals must assess the space (and staff) requirements for Covid patients as opposed to Emergency Room patients and allocate accordingly.

Preventative Measures

For decades, medical professionals have prevented the spread of infection by wearing masks and gloves. Due to the contagious nature of Coronavirus, patients are often required to don masks and use hand sanitizer upon entering a medical facility. In order to minimize personal contact, hospitals and clinics opt for telemedicine whenever possible, a method rapidly increasing in popularity.


Many hospitals are testing sites for Covid-19. Pandemic-level testing transforms hospitals in its own way. In order to perform such tests, these facilities must dedicate staff, space, and supplies to the cause. Hospitals may already be strained for one or more of these necessities due to overcrowding and increased preventative measures.

Hospitals have undergone rapid, continual change since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Testing is one additional task hospitals must perform in addition to other types of strains on resources. Preventative measures, such as providing hand sanitizer and implementing mask regulations, are continually evolving as the pandemic progresses. Hospitals will manage new logistical issues as they arise. These adaptations are merely a few of the transformations hospitals have undergone and will continue to navigate throughout this pandemic.

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