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A Look at the Past and Future of the Laryngoscope

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Today’s society is rapidly embracing the use of disposable laryngoscope blades. These laryngoscopes blades are designed in different sizes for patients of every age and size.

However, when comparing laryngoscopes to the “glottiscope” invented in 1794, you can immediately visualize how swiftly technology evolves toward convenient, efficient, and proactive visualization tools.

Presently, the alignment of these blades (curved or straight) does not determine the market, but a host of other features such as light source, handles, and efficiency do. Therefore, the laryngoscope market is divided explicitly into the conventional and fiberscope disposable laryngoscope.

Conventional Disposable Laryngoscope

Conventional laryngoscopes offer convenience because they are usually battery powered with either an incandescent or an LED-type lamp. They also work on any traditional handle while sticking to ISO 7376.1-2002 specifications.

Naturally, it is easier to opt for LED-type lamps because they use minimal power, and their LEDs deliver even, uniform light, which is beneficial to the clinician. Some popular LED conventional choices include the EquipLite Laryngoscope Blade and the BrightView Disposable Laryngoscope Blade.

The EquipLite Laryngoscope blade comes with color-coded blades so you can pick the right one quickly, and it delivers an exceptional illumination. You can also select the TruLite Laryngoscope, which is a one-piece handle and blade combination ideal for tactical environments.

Alternatively, the BrightView Disposable Laryngoscope Blade is also an affordable choice. It is color-coded and fully compatible with conventional handles.

However, conventional disposable laryngoscopes with standard incandescent bulbs are also a good option, especially one of the first pioneers, Rusch Lite Blade. The Lite Blade, which has over time optimized its curved blade series, uses a bright, conventional bulb that features a low profile E-Mac design, which EMS

Fiber Optics Disposable Laryngoscope

Fiber Optics Disposable Laryngoscopes blades transmit light from the bulb handle through a light fiber filter at the end of the blade.

A good example is the Laryngobloc, which is a one-piece disposable handle and blade combination. It also comes with a reusable inner light cartridge, which is made of polypropylene plastic but delivers an incredible power. Besides the Laryngobloc, Rusch provides the Rusch Lite Disposable, which is designed to work on any fiber optic handle. Nonetheless, if you must use fiber optics, make sure to carry two handles in case one fails because the only source of light is in the handle. However, you can also opt for the Truphatek GreenLED, which is an ergonomic fiber optic handle with a silicone grip. It also features a bright LED light source and comes with a five year warranty.

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