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A Guide to Bronchoscopy Instruments for Children

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An Introduction to Pediatric Bronchoscopy Instruments

When a child needs a medical procedure for diagnosing or treating a condition, medical instruments used for adults may not be appropriate. A child's smaller size, different proportions and faster metabolism mean that they need instruments that are specially designed for their bodies. Here are some of the pediatric bronch tubes and other instruments that may be useful in pediatric practice.

Pediatric Bronch Tube With Vent

The Karl-Storz Doesel-Huzy pediatric bronchoscopy tube with vent ports may be used to treat a child with a severe asthma exacerbation. A child who's having an allergic reaction may also need their airway opened with one of these tubes. Anesthesiologists may need to work with a respiratory or otolaryngologist to place one of these bronchoscopy tubes in a pediatric patient who needs general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. These tubes allow oxygen to reach the bronchioles of the child's lungs.

Foreign Body Forceps

Curiosity is a typical trait in young children. Before the age of three, children commonly put small items into their mouths. If an item is smaller than the diameter of a toilet paper roll, it is possible for them to swallow that item. Items could also get stuck in the child's breathing passages. In some cases, the item gets lodged, and the child isn’t able to breathe or has trouble breathing. Foreign body forceps allow an emergency room physician, otolaryngologist or other specialist to extract the foreign body from a child's small pharynx or trachea.

Grasping Forceps

Grasping forceps feature wide jaw openings. The sharp jaws of the Karl-Storz rotating grasping forceps allow doctors to remove small and oddly shaped items from a child's breathing passages.

Treating pediatric patients requires different tools, supplies, and instruments than those used for adult patients. Having the correct size of instruments on hand can help medical professionals provide better care to their patients. You can learn more about pediatric bronchoscopy instruments and other available products at the Medical Device Store.