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4 of the Most Common Emergency Surgeries

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No one ever wants to hear they need to have an emergency surgery performed, regardless of the reason. Unfortunately, emergency surgeries happen more often than you might think. Whether surgery is necessary following an automobile accident or a serious illness, it is crucial that the facility is equipped with the necessary supplies and KARL STORZ instruments to ensure surgery is a success. Below are 4 of the most common emergency surgeries performed every year.

Partial Colectomy

A partial colectomy is where part of the colon is removed. When a partial colectomy is performed in an emergency situation, there is an increased rate of complications along with a higher mortality rate compared to a non-emergency situation. This is partially due to the fact that the disease that requires the surgery can be severe. This can include diverticulitis or perforated cancers. When performed on an elected schedule, doctors will have adequate time to prepare the bowel prior to surgery. Because an emergency situation doesn’t allow this, emergency surgery becomes risky.


A gallbladder surgery is relatively safe with few complications when performed electively. In an emergency situation, gallbladders are removed to prevent severe infection or blockage, which can make a patient sick.


In both emergency and scheduled instances, having your appendix removed is a relatively safe procedure. As one of the most common procedures performed nationwide, it has low mortality and complication rates.


A laparotomy is a rare procedure used to open an individual’s abdomen. This particular procedure is rare and has a higher mortality and complication rate. A laparotomy is performed when cancer is present or some other problem that can’t be resolved otherwise. Another reason for a laparotomy is when a patient has had a stroke and can no longer eat, it becomes necessary to place a feeding tube. While the procedure itself isn’t necessarily dangerous if the procedure is necessary it’s indicative of something else going on.

While surgery is often times necessary to promote health and wellness, it isn’t always expected. Whether you are going to the hospital or a specialized surgical center for a procedure, it is imperative they are equipped with KARL STORZ instruments and the necessary supplies to be able to handle your surgery safely.